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SINA portal is an online brand advertising property. Our advertising product offerings consist of banner, button, text-link and in-stream video advertisements that appear on pages within the SINA network, channel and promotional sponsorships, and advertising campaign design and management services. Our primary advertising and sponsorship client base for advertising and sponsorships includes Fortune 1000 companies that employ a global approach to their branding, marketing and communications programs, regional companies of medium to large scale that focus on specific geographic and demographic markets and smaller companies whose markets are within a local territory.

SINA¡¯s portal network consists of four destination websites dedicated to the Chinese communities across the globe: Mainland China (, Taiwan (, Hong Kong (, and overseas Chinese in North America ( Each destination site consists of Chinese-language news and content organized into interest-based channels. The sites offer extensive community and communication services and sophisticated web navigation capability through website search and directory services. offers a variety of free interest-based channels that provide region-focused format and content. The most popular channels include:

SINA Sports
SINA Sports offers multimedia news and information on a wide range of sporting events from home and abroad. SINA Sports features domestic and international soccer matches, National Basketball Association (¡°NBA¡±) games, general sports as well as coverage of world-famous sports stars and teams.
SINA Auto offers the latest automobile-related news and service information to provide car buyers and automobile enthusiasts with current information on automotive pricing, reviews and featured guides.
SINA Finance
SINA Finance provides business news coverage and personal finance columns. SINA Finance also offers stock quotes from the major exchanges around the world, including U.S., Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges, as well as breaking news from individual listed companies and market trend analysis.
SINA Entertainment
SINA Entertainment contains extensive coverage of local and international entertainment news and events, including dining, movies, television programs, plays, operas, as well as popular and classical music.
SINA News aggregates feeds from news providers, bringing together content from media companies, such as CCTV, China Beijing TV Station (¡°BTV¡±), China News, Agence France-Presse (¡°AFP¡±), Associated Press, Reuters, Getty Images, China Daily, Nanfang Daily Group, Beijing News, Xinhua Net and Xinhua News Agency. Through SINA News, users have an easy access to breaking news coverage from multiple sources and points of view.
SINA Technology
SINA Technology provides updates on recent activities of high-tech corporations as well as industry trends in China and worldwide.
SINA Digital
SINA Digital offers in-depth reviews of digital products, including mobile phones, desktops, notebook computers, tablets, digital cameras, MP3 players and televisions. Product search and software download services are also provided on this channel.
SINA eLadies
SINA eLadies serves as an interactive platform for fashion-conscious users to share comments and ideas on a range of topics, such as health, cosmetics and beauty. This channel also provides real-time coverage of major world fashion events, bringing users the latest styles and trends.
SINA Luxury
SINA Luxury caters to the increasing demand for luxury goods and high-end services in China. SINA Luxury covers a variety of luxurious topics including dining and wines, fashion and designer products, upscale lifestyles as well as services aimed at high net worth individuals.
SINA Collectibles
Launched in November 2010, SINA Collectibles provides information and updates on antiques and other collectibles such as arts, coins and stamps. It also offers information on investment ideas, exhibitions and auctions and features interviews with antique connoisseurs and famous art critics.
SINA Video
SINA Video is an online video vertical portal that provides high-quality, easy-to-use interactive video products. This channel is divided into various vertical categories, including News, Sports, Entertainment, Music, Financial, Life, VIP Chat and Movie Premieres. SINA Video also allows users to upload, publish and manage user generated videos.

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