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SINA¡¯s MVAS allows users to receive news and information, download ring tones, mobile games and pictures, and participate in dating and friendship communities. MVAS is sold on a monthly subscription or pay-per-message basis and can be ordered via or through mobile phones. MVAS is promoted on SINA¡¯s portal and traditional media, including television and radio, as well as joint promotions through provincial operators. SINA relies on mobile operator systems, such as China Mobile¡¯s Monternet platform and China Unicom¡¯s UNI-Info platform, to deliver its MVAS and bill end users.

SINA provides its MVAS mainly through the following product lines:
As many mobile phones are able to display and send text in Chinese, SINA developed a suite of short messaging services that includes user-customized information subscription, personal greetings, customized mobile phone screen decoration, personalized ring tones and mobile games.
KJAVA includes a full range of services, including mobile games, animation and videos, portable tools and news updates, offered on China Mobile¡¯s K-Java mobile platform.
Using general packet radio service (¡°GPRS¡±) technology, MMS enables users to download color pictures and sophisticated ring tones, as well as transmit more data per message.
Interactive Voice Response (¡°IVR¡±) refers to voice-activated information retrieval services. Users can obtain information via their mobile phones by dialing a list of fixed numbers and following a set of pre-recorded instructions. Sample services include weather forecasting and data searching. IVR offers applications in the areas of interactive games and professional products.
Caller Ring Back Tones services gives mobile phone users the option to customize their ring back tone, the ring tone heard by callers, based on popular songs and special sound effects.
WAP services use GPRS technology to provide users with news and other topical information, multimedia downloads, dating and community services and mobile search services.

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