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Launched in August 2009, Weibo is a social media with microblogging and social networking features that enable users to follow celebrities and share UGC online. In addition to keeping up to date with celebrities, Weibo users may also follow commercial enterprises from small and medium businesses to Fortune 1000 companies, as well as media companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies. is developed with an open platform architecture that enables its users to stay connected with his/her social network while accessing internally third-party applications via Weibo Connect.

Weibo allows users to connect from anywhere, anytime and with anyone on our platform. Designed for easy, frequent interactions and to expedite the spread of information, Weibo may be accessed from, (WAP) and partner websites, as well as desktop and mobile applications on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Symbian devices.

Key offerings of include the following:

Weibo allows users to send feeds in the form of text (up to 140 Chinese characters), photo, video and music to their opted-in followers, interest groups or selected individuals privately. Weibo users may view UGC feeds from their personalized homepage, in interest group settings, via search results and by topical content listings. An interesting feed that is redistributed several times enables the original author to virally reach and influence users beyond the author¡¯s first degree of followers, leveraging on the network of the followers of author¡¯s followers several degrees away.
Users can send private messages in the form of text, voice, picture and emotions. Privacy settings are available to allow users to customi ze message deliveries and receipts from all users or only selected friends. Messenger can also be accessed from Weibo Chat, a mobile application on Android or iOS devices or via a desktop client downloadable from
Social networking services also helps users stay connected, share interests and engage in activities privately with their friends, colleagues and other acquaintances through a variety of social networking offerings that can be accessed on the navigation bar:
Weibo Lists
Weibo Lists allow users to organize their Weibo contacts in order to filter the posts shown in their news feeds and share posts within a specific group of people. For example a user can share a picture of his family only to their close friends on Weibo or read posts from a list of celebrities they define.
Weibo Topics
Weibo Topics allow a user to start a discussion by adding hash tags (#) around a key word in the feed. The key word then becomes searchable. Feeds with popular discussion topics are also accessible from the Hot Topic listing section.
Wei Album
Weibo Album is a personal photo gallery for users to upload and edit pictures and interact with viewers through commentary postings. Users can limit the view setting for each album to all users, only their followers or selected users by setting a password.
Wei Music
Weibo Music is a free on-demand music streaming service with licensed, CD-quality songs, music videos, information and updates from large global and domestic music labels. Users can search for songs, customize playlists and share favorite artists, songs or playlists with their followers, interest groups or selected friends.
Weibo Radio
Weibo Radio allows users to tune into radio stations in China and enjoy music, news, sports and talk show programs while engaging in other Weibo or non-Weibo activities. Users can interact with the station¡¯s disc jockeys and other listeners through commentary posting on the station¡¯s program page.
Wei Event
Weibo Event allows users to organize and participate in various types of events, such as parties, outings, exhibitions, sports games, shows and movies. Event planners can post the invitations to the event page and send them to their followers, interest groups and selected friends or list them on a city event page. Weibo enterprise accounts can use this feature to organize and announce special events tied to their online promotional campaigns.
Weibo LBS
With Weibo LBS, users can share their locations and check out the points of interests around them. For example, Weibo LBS allows users to locate popular restaurants nearby, see comments made by other users about the restaurants and check out restaurant promotional offers.
Wei Questions
Through Weibo Questions, users can conduct online polls to understand current thinking on important and controversial topics or simply for fun. Participants can follow the polling progress and interact through commentary postings.
Wei Groups
Weibo Groups allow users to connect in communities with similar interests, access to which may be limited by group hosts.
Weibo Enterprise Accounts
Commercial entities such as commercial enterprises, media firms, non-profit organizations and government agencies can build their Weibo presence and engage with the Weibo community via their enterprise accounts. An enterprise account aggregates the basic functions of a Weibo user account with enterprise-specific features, such as brand displays on the profile page, an interactive map page with the account owner¡¯s location and contact information and a customer bulletin board where the account owner can manage customer inquiries and complaints. Enterprise accounts are often used commercially to build brand awareness, generate product interest and build sales leads, as well as manage customer relationships.

Weibo advertising solution consists of display inventory on user pages linked to advertisers¡¯ enterprise accounts. By attaching a landing page (enterprise account) to an advertiser¡¯s Weibo advertisement, users may follow and receive future promotional feeds from the advertiser. Weibo advertisers may display their product offerings on their enterprise accounts and such offerings may be forwarded in feeds as recommendations by visiting users to their followers. In such manner, Weibo advertising become social by allowing an advertisement to reach beyond the first degree of touch on the user page and perhaps many degrees thereafter through user recommendation retweets, which can bring other users back to the advertiser¡¯s enterprise accounts.
Open Platform
Weibo offers an open application programming interface (API) platform that allows its users to access a rich collection of internally and third-party developed applications. To support the open platform environment, SINA offers a cloud computing service that allows third-party application developers to develop and host applications utilizing SINA¡¯s infrastructure and bandwidth, known as SINA Application Engine (SAE).

Below are examples of Weibo applications, which can be accessed from or Weibo mobile clients:
Weibo Games
Weibo open platform offers third-party and, to a lesser degree, internally developed web games, including role playing, card games, strategy games and real life simulations. Weibo games allow players to interact while playing and send feeds about their playing to their followers. Weibo games are offered for free and some games allow users to purchase virtual currencies (Weibo Credit) to redeem in-game items. SINA receives revenues from such purchases through revenue-share arrangements with Weibo game application developers.
Weibo Charity
As an online interactive platform for charity and public services, Weibo Charity allows charity organizations to launch fundraising projects and recruit volunteers for public service campaigns, which can be shared through Weibo feeds. Individuals are also able to seek help by creating projects through Weibo Charity. After being verified, these projects will be open to all the Weibo users to make donations, offer support by sharing with followers or sign up as volunteers. The viral effect of the Weibo networks allows a campaign to raise awareness from a wider audience beyond the first degree of touch of any specific charity organization.
SINA Shiye (view)
SINA Shiye is an internally developed social reading platform that delivers magazine-quality reading experience to users on multiple platforms, including PC, smartphones and other mobile devices. It aggregates content from various media partners including traditional media firms, websites and social media properties such as Weibo and blogs. The product leverages users¡¯ social relationships on Weibo to create a unique social reading experience. For example users can share interesting articles and subscriptions to their Weibo followers.
Tianqitong (weather master)
With this internally developed application, users can check for weather information ¡®on the go¡¯ with their smartphones and other mobile devices. Key weather indexes, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and air particle (PM2.5) standard are updated every 30 minutes for over 3,000 cities in China and worldwide. The application also supports audio based weather forecast, weather alerts and temperature curves for the upcoming several days. Key weather information can be shared through Weibo or SMS.
Qing (light blog)
Qing is a blogging service that allows users to maintain a personal page of diaries, editorials, and other essays as well as picture portfolios. Users can send feeds of their postings to their Weibo followers to direct traffic back to their Qing website.
Weibo Disk
This application allows Weibo users to upload and manage their files in a secure environment. Initial two gigabites of storage space is free; additional storage space may be earned from promotional activities. Users can share documents stored on Weibo Disk by providing document address link or through a Weibo feed.
Weibo Credit
Weibo Credit is an online virtual currency offered to users to purchase in-game virtual goods or other types of fee-based services on, such as Weibo VIP memberships. Revenues from these purchases are recorded as Weibo VAS revenues under non-advertising revenues. Users can purchase Weibo Credit with debit and credit cards, Alipay or mobile phone payments.
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